Instantly Display Full Brouchers & Catalogues or entire Shopping carts on Your Business Cards.
Live it up with Quick Connect appointments or arrange Client meetings, Or even enable a Product delivery Instantly
. COD or Online Payments.Or let Instant Sharing by WhatsApp?


Everything, Now on Your existing or a Newly designed cards!


Embed on Your Business Card


A Concise USP of your Business, Conveyed through the Ultra Speedy HYPERWEB.
Hosted on google URL.
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Facebook For Business Page Unleash the Social Media Reach and Quickly Grow your BrandAudience.
Sales Revenue? Deploy a Full Fledged Shopping Cart right in Facebook
WhatsApp for Virus like Brand proliferation.
Deploy WhatsApp sharing mechanism to proliferate phonebooks everywhere!
Display Dynamic Content Change of people or Phone Numbers?
No Worries All the Content in your business card can be updated in the Backend. The print does not change.

Now Easily Keep Track of Your Business Card Performance.

Performance Audits and Clicks can be emailed to you on Daily Basis or Monthly. Now Dynamically Adjust your sales and Brand Strategies to changing Scenarios.

Built-In Super SEO

Leveraging on #HASTTAGS and Google URL Technologies you have the Best-In-Class SEO implemented. Goodbye to buying and maintaining Domains!